SealantDental sealant is a plastic coating that is painted overtop of your teeth. This will help to prevent tooth decay and cavities so we are happy to offer this valuable service to our patients.

There are many benefits of using a dental sealant. We can smooth the rough edges of your teeth, as well as any depressions and grooves that are typically found on teeth. This coating is used to help prevent cavities since it can be hard to get debris out of these spots.

We typically put the sealant on the back teeth since they are hard to reach and can be irregular. Even though you floss and brush your teeth, many people miss some spots on those areas. Sealants will help so that you don’t end up having as many dental problems.

Sealants are very popular. Although they can be given to people of all ages, we commonly use sealants on children.

Division Street Dental always stays up-to-date with the latest technology and trends. We want to make sure that your gums and teeth stay healthy. We also want our treatment to be as easy as possible.

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