Mouth guardsDivision Street Dental is dedicated to protecting your mouth during sporting activities. In order to do this, we offer many different types of mouthguards, depending on what activities that you are involved in. There are mouth guards for low-impact and others for high-impact sports.

Mouth guards have many benefits. Not only do they protect your mouth and teeth, but they also help to decrease the impact if you get hit in the jaw. There are even studies that show mouth guards can increase your athletic performance.

Since sports can be stressful and climatic, people tend to clench their teeth while playing. This can lead to temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ). For this reason, you should wear a mouth guard to help you relax your jaw so you can focus on the game.

When you come into our office, you will be fitted for a mouthguard. We want to ensure that it is not uncomfortable by fitting you properly. Division Street Dental will ensure that you receive the perfect mouthguard so that your performance will get better while also keeping your teeth and gums safe and healthy.

If you have any questions regarding a mouthguard or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us today at (503) 774-3033.